Moisturizing Conditioner

Madame Walker's CRITERIA MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER combines the best of science and nature for healthier hair, and a healthier you! Utilizing premium ingredients and laboratory-proven proteins.

Vegetable Shampoo

Madame Walker's CRITERIA VEGETABLE SHAMPOO combines the best of science and nature for healthier hair and a healthier you! Utilizing premium ingredients and a quality blend of essential oils.

Vitamin E Super Grow

A potent micro-nutrient formula that penetrates into the substructure of the hair shaft to restore essential oils and give hair elasticity. Vitamin E Super Grow provides long lasting conditioning and thermal resistance...


A superior pressing oil and family hairdressing. Glossine contains a blend of delicate oil which leaves hair with natural sheen and softness. Helps control unmanageable hair.

Temple Salve

A gentle scalp treatment for dry, itchy scalps. Soothes dryness and helps control dandruff. Recommended for sensitive scalps and for those who have hair loss around the temple.

Conditioning Cream Hairdress

A dual purpose product that can be used not only as daily hair dressing but also as a conditioner. Conditioning Cream Hairdress is formulated especially for damaged or over-processed hair.

Hapi Locs Cream

Madame Walker's Hapi Locs Cream for dread-locks and twists. This unique cream has been formulated with all-natural ingredients, to smoothly lubricate...

Hair & Scalp Preparation

A solution for thin brittle hair, to help control dandruff and a treatment for a dry, itchy scalp. Promotes faster hair growth for strong, healthy hair. Also recommended for pressed, relaxed, or tinted hair.

Scalp Ointment

Specially formulated for resistant dandruff and excessively dry and itchy scalp conditions. Works fast to soothe dry scalp and help eliminate stubborn dandruff. Not suggested for use on sensitive or tender scalps.

Madame C.J. Walker Poster

18X24 Poster featuring Madame C.J. Walker and the 5 oils that made her millions and are still being manufactured today. The original quote is taken from a letter written by Madame Walker to...